Why Travel as a College Student?

There were more than one billion international tourists last year, and more than five billion domestic tourists, according to the latest tourism highlights from UNWTO. That’s a lot of people, and the industry is still growing at an incredible rate.

Why not join them?

Most college students these days want to do some form of traveling before they graduate. At the very least, travel gives you new experiences in new places with new people. You get the chance to gain a different perspective and interact with diverse cultures.

Travel experience during college can be especially helpful in the future, when you will almost certainly have to work with people from different countries to an extent. Depending on your career path, interacting with other cultures could be a daily reality.

Plus, travel is fun. I mean, who doesn’t want the chance to go somewhere new?

Machu Picchu

Jordan Roman/Machu Picchu

Jordan Roman, a junior at the University of Arizona, had that very idea when she left for Otuzco, Peru last summer with VivePeru.

“Experiencing a new culture is awesome, especially if you travel to a third world country like I did,” Jordan said. “It really makes you appreciate everything that we have.”

Chris Silvia, a junior at Western New England University in Massachusetts, didn’t plan on traveling when he entered college. But his experience this summer in London was something he will never forget.

“The best part of the trip was meeting a whole new group of people and discovering a new country with them,” Chris said.

Colleges are increasingly offering more and more travel opportunities to their students, so now is the time to take advantage of everything they offer.

Dr. Bill Silcock, Director of Cronkite Global Programs at Arizona State University, said that travel is an important part of the college experience. He spent six months in Paris himself during college as part of a study abroad program.

“You really have to see the world to know the world,” Silcock said.

Still looking for inspiration? Check out Derek Earl Baron‘s travel blog – the guy has visited 87 countries and counting.


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5 thoughts on “Why Travel as a College Student?

  1. Very well said! I deeply regret not studying abroad whilst I was completing my degree, and jumped at the chance to travel as soon as I graduated. It turned into the most amazing, life-altering 8 months of my life so far, and I am already planning my next trip.
    The amount you learn about yourself and other cultures is invaluable. Travel should be compulsory (and government funded :P)

  2. This article has good information about studying abroad. I have been thinking about studying abroad and I have been looking into many different programs. It is nice to know that there are options out there. I really would like to study with Dr. Silcock. I am glad that someone is encouraging us to study abroad as college students.

  3. I think it’s great that college students travel abroad. It can really help them learn, but not of they’re looking to compare a country to their own. Peru would be first world since it allied with the States during the Cold War. =)

  4. Very interesting information, I agree travel is both fun and useful. I am also thinking about studying abroad and would love to hear about other college student’s experiences.

  5. The wanderlust is real.

    I’ve always fantasized about traveling around the world but have never left the borders of the mainland U. S. of A. I guess the largest problem I’ve run into (as a poor college student desperately trying to avoid debt) is the exorbitant and prohibitive cost of travelling overseas.

    What are some opportunities you’ve stumbled across? I’ve heard tales of students touring Europe and South America on these hybrid vacations where they work and live with local families in “homestay” programs but that’s as far as I’ve ever got.

    Regardless, there are MUCH worse ways to spend a summer or semester 🙂

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